David Markun

Contact info: http://www.markun.com/contact.html
Located near Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Major focus is system software in Windows

After my start in application level software, I began in 1990 to focus on system software in the undocumented and less-documented areas of Microsoft's operating systems. Often this has meant that I have used device driver toolkits to deal with non-device-related issues (e.g. filesystems, storage drivers, and network stacks).

I keep contact with the "real world" of end-users and system administrators by doing the hardware and software support for my own networks of 12+ nodes, and by hosting some Web sites for nonprofit organizations.

Specific experience:


Detailed work history:

1993-present: Independent software contractor. Projects included:

1988-1993 Lotus Development Corporation

1992-1993 System Architect

1988-1991 Principal Engineer

Architected and led implementation of C programmers' database publishing platform on VAX/VMS. Programmers found it reduced development effort by 75%.


1985-1987 Senior Software Engineer, Datext Inc.

One of original handful of engineers who brought this startup's product line to market. Designed and wrote CDROM mastering program. Architected development/integration/production environment, that successfully accommodated a 25-fold increase in CDROM database production.

1982-1984 Senior Analyst, Interactive Data Corporation.

Led team of 4 in making nondisruptive major upgrade to funds transfer system that moved $6 billion/day for 1000+ users/day.

1979-1981 Project Leader, Cambridge Computer Associates.

Grew quickly from neophyte on-the-job trainee to leader of 6-person development team for this consulting firm, in this my first white-collar job.